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16 October 2017

From Melbourne in Australia to the Swiss Stoneman.

Whilst looking for the best Swiss mountain bike trails and a spontaneous bike adventure in their two-week holidays, Daniela and Daniel from Melbourne stumbled upon the Stoneman Glaciara. At short notice, they decided to go for the Bronze tour, “And they have not exaggerated”, Daniela replied delighted.

“The combination of impressive, picturesque views, tough ascents and wonderfully various whilst also technically demanding downhills was absolutely awesome! The service and the support of Kurt (Bikestore Schweizer in Fiesch) was terrific: very proficient, himself a passionate biker and always willing to help with his ample local knowledge. We enjoyed our three-day bike trip very much! The Stoneman Glaciara is very recommendable to everyone who loves MTB adventures with breathtaking views and fantastic service!”

Daniela and Daniel · 10/2017 · Bronze

6 September 2017

Stoneman Glaciara in three days with Christl und Philippe

Wind blows around my nose and mist lies in the valley. My chain is freshly lubricated and last week, I installed a new break linings. A good portion of Swiss Muesli gave me power and I am looking forward to the first 1,400 meters of altitude gain that are no obstacle after such breakfast.

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Text: Christl Radies, Fotos: Philippe Steinmayr · 8/2017 · Bronze

GOOD TO KNOW: Learn more about Christl and Philippe, as well as their tours here: www.heading-north.eu

29 August 2017

Switzerland is one of the largest mountain bike markets in Europe. Yet, there is a lack of publicly available information on the behaviour of mountain bikers, especially concerning their travel preferences. The Stoneman Glaciara e.V. strives to help closing this gap. Today, we are starting our first survey whose findings will be made available to all interested associations, tourism experts and the public.

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28 August 2017

Spontaneously on the Stoneman Glaciara

Without much planning, I travelled to Valais with the purpose to try out the new Stoneman Glaciara. I wanted Silver, that means completing the ride within two days. I started in Ballwald and received my starter pack at the Sport- und Freizeitanlagen, despite my spontaneous arrival.

Getting started. The first trail towards Fieschertal is great fun already. So much fun that I lost my drinking bottle right on the first part of the route. I was already familiar with the ascent to MĂ€rjela, thus the first checkpoint was achieved fastly.

The trail through Unners TĂ€lli that follows is tough, yet it offers a perfect panorama! With one spoke less, I continued my adventure – via Bettmeralp to Moosfluh. A short, but intense ascent and the second checkpoint was waiting. The last trail for this day down to Mörel was amazing. I then concluded the first Stoneman day pedalling comfortably down to Grengiols.

The second day started off with the much-feared ascent up to the Breithorn. Two days later, I looked back down to this stage and beamed with joy. AMAAAAZING!!! (Check out the pictures ;))
A Nessier power bar and Valais dried meat from the Nessier butcher helped me regain energy.

The rest of the route led through Binn passing through the Binn Valley landscape garden up to Reckingen in beautiful Goms. My Stoneman adventure ended with a last, energy-sapping ascent back to Bellwald. There, I received my Stoneman trophy, the silver stone and a cold finisher beer straight after my mandatory finisher picture had been taken. Well-deserved!

CONCLUSION: The Stoneman Glaciara is absolute world class! It boasts beatuiful panoramic views and loads of MTB fun with technically challenging passages. This is how it should be. A huge compliment to everyone involved in this Stoneman experience. It was my first Stoneman and I am completely delighted. The other Stoneman routes will follow soon. #happytrails

Marcel Nessier · 8/2017 · Silver

21 August 2017

A perfect route has been compiled here in an amazing landscape. The ingenious routing through age-old villages (Binn, MĂŒhlebach, Bellwald, Ried, Greich etc.) and breathtaking glacier landscapes excites to return soon to Valais.

A hint to all Gold riders: Start again and take some additional time. It is worth it!
Martin Barben · 8/2017 · Bronze

15 August 2017

Brief feedback on the Stoneman: incredible landscape, great trails, perfect organisation, and most of all – the people. From the local sports shops over to the accommodation and the tourism office in Reckingen, our expectations have been exceeded.
The hospitality, helpfulness and heartiness of the people in the Aletsch area were truly our highlight.

Raphael W. · 8/2017 · Silver

7 August 2017

We rode the Stoneman in two days last weekend and are completely enthusiastic! The signposting and the route are fantastic.
Compliments from the beautiful Bernese Oberland!
Camille Z. · 8/2017 · Silver

2 August 2017

Stoneman Glaciara featured in BIKE-Magazine »

„Stoneman Trail Part 3: The third sensational route with the Stoneman logo now winds through the Valais in Switzerland up to the Alps' largest glacier ...“

31 July 2017

It has truly been a Mega-weekend in Switzerland. Not only was I impressed by the bike adventure, but by the nice people that make all this possible. It is amazing to see what you guys create.

Philipp W. · 7/2017 · Gold

30 July 2017

Incredible: The first finishers are online already ...

13 Gold finishers made it on the Finisher List on the first day already. And the next eight riders are on the route already.

29 July 2017

Grand Opening of the Stoneman Glaciara!

At 5.30 am already, the first mountain bikers met for the route benediction and to start their Gold ride. The following party lasted until late at night ...

27 July 2017

Press conference to present the Stoneman Glaciara at the Great Aletsch Glacier. Two quotes sum up the event perfectly:

„We are incredibly proud to have thisunique 5-star mountain bike adventure in Switzerland in our area. The Stoneman Glaciara is an immense success for the Aletsch-Goms region. It is our common lighthouse product that will enliven the summer tourism for the long term.“
David Wyssen, president of the local association Stoneman Glaciara e. V.

Stoneman Glaciara Mountainbike: Vorstellung der Strecke und des Angebots bei der Pressekonferenz am Großen Aletschgletscher

„Glaciers are such impressive natural spectacle. I always dreamt of creating a mountain bike adventure close to a glacier. I am honoured to open the Stoneman Glaciara here – in the land of the 4,000ers with such a rich landscape and nature.“
Roland Stauder, founder of the Stoneman and MTB Marathon World Series Champion

21 July 2017

First impressions of the new Stoneman Glaciara route in the video.

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Stoneman Glaciara season 2024: 24. June to 20. October

Brief feedback on the Stoneman: Incredible landscape, great trails, perfectly organised, but most of all – the people. From the local sports shops and accommodation to the tourism office in Reckingen, our expectations were exceeded. The hospitality, helpfulness and heartiness of the locals in the Aletsch area were truly our highlight.
Raphael W.  · Silver Finisher

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